-How do I sign up? 

You will be asked to sign up using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. your payment is secured through using PayPal Gateway, once Payment is done , you can start your advisor journey right away. 

Please stay assured that tod-Z will not share your personal and contact information on your Profile page. 


-How do I check & change my account details? 

Once you log into your tod-Z account, you will be able to change your account information in the account settings, some personal details will not be allowed to change. Please be careful when you fill in your personal information in the beginning. 


-How to deactivate my account? 

Inside your profile, there is an option to deactivate your account. Once you deactivate, all your data will be removed from our database. If you want to signup again, you will have to redo all the process one more time. 


Why tod-Z Advisor ? 

tod-Z Advisor process is a tight sealed process , tailored from the start till the end by using the AI technology , this allows us to make sure that the process is bias free ,depending on your performance & scores you will be able to know your price per hour & Get the guide you need on how to plan better for your freelancing career by knowing more about yourself through both assessments reports. 

We have collaborated with 2 of the best assessment companies to provide you with diversity of experts on the same process.  








-What is Advisor process? 

upon your sign up & fees payment, you will receive the AI behavioral assessment, followed by the Technical Ai assessment , our AI pricing system at the end will generate the Hourly rate Price in USD, allowing you to know your real worth without any human interference or any biasness , al based on your score performance & reports analysis that you will receive too. 


-Why are these assessments different than others? 

The questions are tailored each and every time through using the AI technology , the assessment is generated based on each talent background, years of experience & job nature , so we can briefly say that your Process is different than others, not only but also if you wanted to repeat the process after some time again & you have gained more experience , it will definitely be a different one.  


-Do I receive the Assessment reports? 

Yes , you will be able to receive the reports on the assessments after each assessment , so you will receive the behavioral report after the behavioral assessment is done & same for the technical assessment  & it has details that will help you on your next steps on your career. 


-What if I had a weak performance on my process? 

The purpose of this process is not fail or success, the purpose is to know your points of strengths & weakness, after receiving the detailed reports you will be able to plan for developing your weak points & hammering on your strong ones, you can always come back to upgrade your price per hour by performing better. 


Can I re-do the process? 

 Yes sure you can always re-do the process, to discover your progress curve & improve your Price hourly rate if you aren’t satisfied with, doing better on the process, will definitely generate higher rate per hour, we always support the room of development. 


  • Can I refund my money after payment? 

No, you have all the right to ask all the questions needed for you to know before you start the process, details available on the website, chat bott & contact us section, once you started the process, you won’t be able to refund the money even if you didn’t finish your process.