Tod-Z The mother company for tod-Z Advisor was Founded in Estonia in 2019, tod-Z Primary Service was a disrupting talent on demand platform that provides ultimate solutions for hiring talent and accomplishing projects for business owners who are seeking efficient results with ultimate time and cost optimization.

After the proper performance that our marketplace has witnessed, we decided to help another segment of freelancers whom they don’t know where & how to start, whether they actually know their worth or they are being delusional.

From this point we started working on our AI Pricing smart system 2 years ago & collaborated with our reputably global Assessment partners to bring one Complete 360 Guidance & Advisory journey. Our process is unbiased on all levels as the whole journey since the starting point till the last very end is built on Ai development where no room for human interference is available.

Our vision: To help talent who didn’t start their freelancing career yet , who got laid off , freshly graduated , works remotely & who need to upgrade their freelancing journey . Our mission: To provide an unbiased AI Process, Our process will allow you to discard any other platforms , tod-Z advisor partnered up with the best AI assessment companies & Exerted a lot of time & effort over 2 years to come up with the AI pricing system that generated according to the process results.